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'The Pope is Evil' says Gay Irish Senator, David Norris

Anti-Gay Attacks are 'Unremitting, Ignorant, Ill Informed'

Head of Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith is a Nazi

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Pope John Paul II: Living saint or evil Nazi? Pope John Paul II is evil, says gay Irish Sen. David Norris.

And Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is "a Nazi," the senator said.

The pope is "an instrument for evil as far as I'm concerned because these constant, unremitting, ignorant, ill-informed attacks on the gay community have led to violence against the gay community," Norris is quoted as saying in author Stephen Costello's new book ^The Irish Soul: In Dialogue.~

John Paul II's utterances are "calculated and deliberate wickedness," Norris said. "He closes down scholarly enquiry and, of course, behind him is Ratzinger, who is, in his mind-set, a Nazi, and they have marginalised all the wonderful people like Oscar Romero, Leonardo Boff, Hans Kung, Charles Curran, all these marvellous people who are the future and the hope of the Church and, instead, put into place these mindless bureaucrats, which is intensely sad.

"The awful thing about that Polish person and the Nazi is that they are afraid to tell the truth," Norris continued. "They won't even let themselves be in the presence of the truth, because it would shatter their very stylised view of things. You would have known that Pope John XXIII believed in God. I really don't think this one does."

Catholic doctrine, which is watched over and guarded by Ratzinger, considers gay sex "intrinsically evil," "objectively disordered," "deviant," and "contrary to the laws of nature."

Gay relationships are "a deplorable distortion of what should be a communion of love and life between a man and a woman in a reciprocal gift open to life."

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The church says any sexual act that is not open to the possibility of pregnancy is a mortal sin which, if not absolved in confession prior to one's death, condemns one's soul to hell.

The procreation doctrine also categorizes birth control, masturbation and oral sex (including between heterosexual spouses) as mortal sins.

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