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Compiled By Jack Nichols

Eminem's 'Dagger' Words

Feminists and gay activists have denounced the blatant misogyny and homophobia that litter his rhymes. In Criminal, he rails, ''My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge/And I'll stab you in the head whether you're a fag or a les . . . /Hate fags? The answer's yes.''

In Kim, he mocks his dying wife: ''Bleed, bitch, bleed!''

Edna Gundersen—“What's with this guy?” USA Today, July 27

Talk about Money—But not about Tolerance!

This is a sop to the homosexual activists in the Republican Party and this is an insult to pro-family Americans who believe it's wrong for men to have sex with men. This is a man who has become a homosexual activist more and more, and to have him up there representing the Republican going to turn away many, many more people than it would ever draw to the Republican Party. It'll depend on how much it's known that he is a homosexual. If he's just up there talking about commerce, obviously it's not as detrimental to the Republican Party than if he's up there talking about tolerance or sexual orientation. At the very least, we should hope that he doesn't talk about gay rights.

Peter LaBarbera-- of Americans for Truth—objecting to the choice of openly gay Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Arizona) as a speaker at the Republican convention.

Arrest that GOP Congressman Sodomite!

kolbe.jpg - 7.61 K Mr. Kolbe as a self described homosexual means nothing except to say he engages in sodomy. Did you know that in Arizona, sodomy is against the law? Mr. Kolbe should be arrested when he returns to his home state for violating state law.

Phil Burress-- Chairman of "Equal Rights not Special Rights"— In a letter to Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Jim Nicholson AFA action alert, July 28

Nosiness Creates Lovers?

Summer is here, and everyone in search of a lifelong mate is also finding themselves in search of the sure-shot love potion or romance-in-a-bottle quick fix; that certain something that will spark the attention of their soul mate so eyes can meet and they can live happily-ever-after. All bound in a lovely package and laminated bag, sitting behind your local retailer's display, plastic surgeon's chair or pharmacists counter at a discounted price. But what makes the attractive attractive? Is it a gesture or posture? Is it grace (or lack thereof)? Is it a certain appearance? Or is it a smell? Some believe that human attraction is based on smell…Playing on the hopes of those who loathe lonely nights, certain fragrance manufacturers since the 50's have been ensuring "guaranteed" results for those who use the product. Yet, it has only been proven to be most effective on attracting rodents. Not a good idea to dab between the ears if you're planning an evening out around City Hall.

LaShekia Chatman—“Pheromones, Right?”--Greenwich Village Gazette—July 28

A Religion Based on Eugenics?

We are ready to blow the world up in a nuclear conflict between Lysenkoist environmental determinist fairy tales like capitalism and communism and 2,000 year old ghost stories that could have been written by Bram Stoker or Mary Shelly, but we are too meek to take any action on a public health issue like eugenics that could directly improve the human condition without war.

'Prometheus' --"The Eugenic Manifesto" The Church of Eugenics

Internet Users & the Prostitutes of the Soul

Well, homosexuals are no longer sick, so now the mind-healing profession seeks new victims, Internet users (i.e. "Internet addicts"). See what their ridiculous charges are for "e-mail counseling"! This is the latest scam: ripping off the naive people who think these modern-age witch-doctors have something to offer them. Psychiatrists, in my opinion, are just "prostitutes of the soul". They are worse than body prostitutes who, at best, give you physical pleasure for money, and who, at worst, pretend you're really a hot lay. These moral toads "pretend" to be your friend for so-many-bucks-per-hour. That is what I call "Prostitution of the Soul".

Randolfe Wicker—in an E-mail to GayToday—July 29

Mary Cheney: Power to the Consumers!

Until she left Coors, Cheney was a powerful advocate for advancing gay rights through corporate America -- the "market" point of view in the "market vs. movement" debate. Market-oriented gays believe they may have more power as consumers than as voters, and think that once they become coveted targets of corporate America, mass acceptance will follow.

Dave Cullen—"All in the Family"—

dcheney150.jpg - 8.55 K GOP VP candidate Dick Cheney has a daughter who has worked to advance gay rights. But will he follow her lead?

Office Etiquette

How about never? Is never good for you?
I like you. You remind me of when I was young and stupid.
You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers.
I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.
I'm not being rude. You're just being insignificant.
Nice perfume. Must you marinate in it?
Chaos, panic and disorder. My work here is done.

Graham Underhill— Collection--July 29

'Without Sin' at Landover Baptist

To be the one chosen to cast the first stone is much like being the one selected to pitch the first baseball of the major league season. I will therefore exercise my duties humbly. I will practice my toss on undocumented aliens throughout the off-punishment season, and when called upon, I will do my best to place a well-rounded stone right on the sinner's temple.

Mrs. Betty Bowers—Landover Baptist Church, July 30—

How Politicians Treat the American Dream

Advancing domestic police and prison violence that turns communities into occupied battle zones; imposing welfare havoc that further impoverishes the already poor; facilitating generalized corporate rapaciousness that materially and socially diminishes workers? lives; legislating health care collapse that drops people dead who ought to have been cared for and restored; entrenching citizen and worker disempowerment from all sides of economic and political decision-making; abetting media madness that robs culture of content; enabling dis-education of our young that they might fit awaiting social slots needing them to obey authority and endure boredom; partaking of the alienation of most sides of life by elevating profits over people; procuring weapons without limit; and battering and bashing the poor, the homeless, the gay, the female, the black or latino with minimal outcry and reply.

Michael Albert—"Why Protest the Conventions?"—Independent Media Center of Philadelphia

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