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Rome Vacillates on World Pride 2000

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

romepride.jpg - 9.19 K Bowing to ferocious opposition from the Vatican and conservative politicians, Rome's leftist mayor, Francesco Rutelli, on May 30 withdrew logistical and monetary support for World Pride Rome 2000, a gay extravaganza scheduled for June 28-July 9.

Anti-gay forces oppose the events because they coincide with the Catholic Church's Holy Jubilee Year festivities, which will attract tens of thousands of pilgrims to the city at the same time.

Pride organizers vowed to proceed without the city's $150,000 subsidy. But hours after his announcement, Rutelli mostly reversed himself in response to harsh criticism from the left. He restored the funding and promised to help with permits, but declined to back down on a demand that organizers remove the city logo from promotional materials.

Following Rutelli's original announcement, gay activist Franco Grillini called him a "subaltern to the will of the clerics" and activist Massimo Consoli said Rutelli wanted to be "an altar boy for the next pope."

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