Jane and Mulcahy Give Em Hell

While he’s currently starring as a well-endowed-but-down-on-his-luck basketball coach on HBO’s Hung, Thomas Jane will soon be seen wielding another weapon entirely in the violent detective story Give â??Em Hell Malone. Directed by gay filmmaker Russell Mulcahy (Highlander), Malone features Jane as an old-school private eye who dresses and talks like a Raymond Chandler gumshoe. (It goes without saying that he shoots first and asks questions later.) The filmâ??s eclectic cast also includes Ving Rhames, French Stewart (Third Rock from the Sun), Gregory Harrison (remind Romeo to tell you about how his adolescence was rocked by Harrison in the male-stripper TV movie For Ladies Only) and Leland Orser (ER). After a well-received screening at Comic-Con this summer, look for Give â??Em Hell Malone to hit theaters with both barrels blasting before yearâ??s end.

By Romeo San Vicente


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