Singer Linda Ronstadt to

“I really do think that gays are the best urban pioneers, and they’re the best neighbors you can have. People don’t seem to understand how good it is that if a gay couple moves into your neighborhood and starts restoring a house? Hey — your property values are going up.”

“Some of the strongest community that we know in this country is in the gay community, because they’ve had to band together to survive emotionally. I’m not so sure this country understands or values that.”

“I had moved back to Tucson with my kids because I just thought it was quieter, and my family was there. But Tucson has turned out to be a very conservative place, and I didn’t want my kids coming home from school saying things like ‘That’s so gay.’ So we moved back to San Francisco, and I sent my kids to a school that actively taught that homophobic remarks are just not OK, and my kids’ attitudes have changed as a result of it.”

Singer Linda Ronstadt to, Aug. 26. by Rex Wockner


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