Spiritual Thriller Challenges Concept Of Christ

B. Alan Bourgeois, writer of gay fiction thrillers, God’s Army to Purge Homosexuality; Spirit Never Dies and GAPH 2: The Readers has taken on the concept of Jesus Christ with his new book; Extinguishing the Light. This modern day Christ story is set in one of the worst Texas prisons imaginable, with its hero JC who is innocent of murder having to come to terms with his own destiny.

Bourgeois uses many of Jesus’ teachings, along with a mix of Jewish, Muslim and Course of Miracles thrown it to weave this wonderful tell of a man who shows the world what true humanity is all about. If you think that JC doesn’t show his human frail said, think again. JC tackles injustice shown not only to him, but to the others in his flock who are crucified for being associated with him. From the transsexual to the misunderstood straight boy, and even the bad boys who actually try to hurt JC. This book covers it all.

â??Extinguishing the Light is…inspiring and interesting, if a little predictable, tale of a modern hero who passes through ordeal, goes beyond death and returns; and out of his story, arises a sensible spirituality. This is modern myth-making with a modern myth.â? Toby Johnson for White Crane Magazine.

What is already been called by some as sacrilegious, this inspiring story shows a point of view of what it might be like if Christ were to live in a prison today. Truly, a life affirming story for all religions to enjoy and learn from.


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