Kate Gosselin TV reality show gets the chop

Mom of eight, Kate Gosselin‘s reality TV show has been canceled, broadcaster TLC said on Monday, ending a six-year headline-making run that made the 36 year-old woman one of the most loved and reviled people on U.S. television.

“TLC has decided not to renew another season of ‘Kate + 8’,” the cable network said in a statement. “By the end of this season, “Kate + 8” will have hit the 150 episode mark (including “Jon & Kate + 8″); an exceptional milestone. TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future.”

The final episode of “Kate + 8” will air on September 12.

The show about life raising twins and sextuplets was originally called “Jon & Kate + 8”, but Kate Gosselin and her husband Jon went through a messy and very public divorce in 2009, and after that Kate continued alone.

In a Twitter message on Monday, Gosselin thanked TLC and her fans for “six years of fun-filled adventures” and said she was looking forward to spending more time as a motivational speaker, writing books and “other fun work opportunities that may come my way.”

“While it is very sad for me and the kids (there were many tears at the breakfast table this morning) we are looking forward with great anticipation to our bright future. As is very typical for me I am choosing to see the positive in this situation,” Kate Gosselin wrote.

“This is not ‘goodbye’,” she added.

Jon and Kate Gosselin were first featured in a one-hour television special called “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins” in 2005 before signing up for a reality show in 2007 that followed their unconventional family life in Pennsylvania.

The height of their fame came in 2009 when they announced they were divorcing in an episode that was seen by more than 10 million viewers.

Gosselin later became a celebrity contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” where she was criticized by judges for being wooden, yet public support kept her on the show for four weeks.

But ratings have slid for “Kate + 8”, to around one million viewers in recent weeks.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – (Reporting by Jill Serjeant; Edited by Bob Tourtellotte)


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