Utah School System Sued For Oppressing Gay Students: VIDEO

Equality Utah and three parents and their children have filed suit against the Utah State Board of Education for “anti-gay school laws.”

According to the lawsuit, Utah schools subject homosexual students to harassment and bullying, censor their speech, violate their right to association and won’t even let them mention gay issues in a positive way.” It argues that “anti-gay school laws” and regulations in Utah “expressly prohibit speech that ‘advocat[es] homosexuality’ in public school classrooms and student clubs.”

Additionally, it claims that the state “refused to protect a gender nonconforming student from bullying and harassment.”

The plaintiffs include a male high school student who was bullied and prohibited from talking about his uncle’s same-sex marriage at school, a female student who was punished for holding hands with a girl and a 7-year-old gender nonconforming student who was teased and beaten by his classmates, reports AllGov.com.

The lawsuit provides some specific allegations:

“Even the parents of other students harassed John [Doe] and called him names,” the complaint states. It continues: When John’s mother was dropping him off for picture day early in the school year, she heard a group of parents saying that she was ‘turning him into a faggot’ by allowing John to wear dresses to school. His mother reported the incident to the principal, but he said that there was nothing he could do if she did not know the names of the parents and could not prove what they had said.”

Other students held the boy’s hand to a hot metal slide, giving him second-degree burns, his mother says.

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Source: Utah School System Sued For Oppressing Gay Students: VIDEO


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