Where’s The Party of Tolerance

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-41-03-am-670x361The fact that there are riots in the street after Donald Trump won the election, is the exact reason why Donald Trump was elected. Where’s the party of tolerance? Where’d the “Love Trumps Hate” slogans go? It’s been said a for a long time that the Left believes in your freedom of choice and speech, as long as you choose what they tell you to choose – and this does nothing but prove it. The intolerance, anger, hate speech, and brutalization of cities and voters after this election does nothing but reinforce the view that the Left is made up of intolerant people who hate – which are the exact reasons they didn’t want a Trump Presidency in the first place. Protesting for civil rights is honorable. Protesting because you lost makes you a whiny, “everyone deserves a trophy” snowflake.

Obama told the Country after his election in 2008 that those that didn’t vote for him should ride in the back of the bus. Republicans didn’t riot…. nor did they riot in 2012.

These acts, perpetrated by the Left and stoked by the mainstream media shows definitively that the Left is the party of hate and intolerance. Intolerance towards those that don’t believe like they do. They believe half the country are imbeciles, racist, misogynists – and they cannot believe that HALF THE COUNTRY voted against HRC because she did not stand for what they believed in. Less Government, Lower Taxes, LEGAL immigration, no more corrupt, lying, political elites in power, etc.

I have many friends that are Democrats – and Republicans that voted for HRC – and they are saddened but ready to move on… realizing that we’re all on the same plane, and hoping the pilot crashes is not the outcome that serves anyone. But I am deeply disappointed in the Democratic party as a whole, disappointed in the youth in this country, and disappointed at the utter childish and criminal behavior I’m seeing across this great nation which further stokes hatred and divides the country.

Both sides need to stop fanning the flames of hatred and divide. Both sides need to stop talking about “Drinking the tears of our political enemies”. The Left better get it’s act together, because the entire country is watching and 4 years is a very short time – the independents will remember this behavior, and there may not be another Democrat President in power for a long time because of this.

My two cents……

Brian Smith, Merritt Island FL


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