Rick Perry tapped to lead Dept. of Energy he vowed to eliminate

Oops, Donald Trump continues to be the absolute worst: he’s going to name Rick Perry to the Department of Energy, even though Rick famously couldn’t remember the name of the department in a debate a couple of years ago. Back then, being a dunce was seen as a liability. Ah, what simpler, more innocent times they were.

As head of the Department, Rick will oversee the development of nuclear weapons, so don’t make any long-term plans.

Under the Obama administration, the department was led by Steven Chu, a guy with a Nobel Prize, and Ernest Moniz, a professor from MIT. In all likelihood, Perry will simply use the department as a means to enrich the energy industry cronies who’ve bought his allegiance. He’ll be working for a president he previously called “a barking carnival act” and “a cancer on conservatism.”

And of course, Rick isn’t fond of queer people, like just about everyone else in Donald’s incoming administration. He said that being gay was like being an alcoholic; he supported the arrest of queer people for having sex in their own homes; he said that when the Boy Scouts barred gay members it was like taking a stand against  slavery; and he is of course opposed to gay marriage.

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Source: Rick Perry tapped to lead Dept. of Energy he vowed to eliminate


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