RuPaul targeted with homophobia after revealing marriage to partner of 23 years

RuPaul was targeted with homophobic attacks online after revealing his marriage to partner of 23 years Georges LeBar yesterday (16 March).

Appearing as a guest on Hollywood Live Today, his Drag Race co-star Ross Matthews asked if he and his boyfriend planned on getting married.

‘I’ve never said this on television before. We are married,’ RuPaul said as the hosts gasped and the audience cheered.

‘We got married on our 23rd [anniversary]. I met him on the dance floor at Limelight [club in New York City] in 1994, on his birthday. So we got married on his birthday, the anniversary of when we met, this year — in January.’

The revelations from the Emmy-winning host was one of the top 10 trending videos on YouTube.

It attracted the vitriol of homophobes.

‘Donald Trump will end this liberal gay agenda BS,’ one said on social media.

‘Whoever gives a fuck about him or her or whatever the fuck it is should kill them selves.’

Many described Mama Ru using homophobic slurs, with one asking: ‘I’m surprised that set didn’t ignite with those two flamers up there.’

Another comment said: ‘Freaks, this shit should not be glorified.’

Thankfully, Mama Ru has an Emmy, a ninth season of her hit reality TV show about to hit our screens, and a wonderful husband.

Something tells us Ru isn’t that bothered.

Responding to the overwhelming positive comments sent the couple’s way, Ru said: ‘

‘Thank you all for the love & kindness,’ he said, before quoting The Supremes’ I Hear A Symphony: ‘I cry not for myself, but for those who never felt the joy we felt.’

Source: RuPaul targeted with homophobia after revealing marriage to partner of 23 years


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