Category is ‘Resistance’: Scenes from Sunday’s Pride marches

On opposite sides of the nation, protesters took to the streets Sunday for a different sort of Pride. In Washington, D.C., the Equality March for Unity and Pride stomped right past the White House and ended on the National Mall. Its platform included a wide range of issues including LGBT youth homelessness, transgender issues, and access to HIV/AIDS treatment.

Three thousand miles west, thousands gathered to kick off the #ResistMarch in Los Angeles. “Giving love, being able to receive love — that’s our secret weapon,” RuPaul told the massive crowd.

“This year, the LGBTQ community is lending our iconic rainbow flag to anyone who feels like their rights are under threat and to anyone who feels like America’s strength is its diversity,” said Brian Pendleton, who organized the march. “The political climate we find ourselves in has driven us to galvanize and unite.”

Scroll down for scenes from the day’s events, starting with LA’s #ResistMarch:

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