HRC Foundation to Host Islamic Seminary Talk

On Saturday, July 8, MECCA Institute and Muslims for Progressive Values will be hosting a talk on “Mecca Institute, Muslims and the LGBTQ Community” at HRC headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The talk will feature Imam Daayiee Abdullah, one of three openly gay Imams in Islam today and founder of MECCA Institute. The MECCA Institute is an inclusive and progressive online Islamic seminary that serves as an online center of Islamic learning and contemporary Islamic research for those seeking more expansive and inclusive interpretations of Islamic texts.

Imam Abdullah will speak on Muslim support for the LGBTQ community, particularly regarding civil liberties. Abdullah will also focus on LGBTQ Muslims combating Islamophobia in society, including within the greater LGBTQ community.

The event is co-sponsored by HRC Foundation open to the public. Click here for more information.

HRC Foundation is committed to engaging and elevating the stories and experiences of LGBTQ Muslims. Recently, HRC presented “Ramadan Reflections,” on online campaign aimed at creating an inclusive space for reflections during Ramadan. And, in 2015, HRC released the guide, “Coming Home to Islam and to Self.

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