Eyes of the Nation On Texas Ahead of Special Session

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and other Texas politicians are gearing up for a 30 day special session on July 18 that will include anti-transgender legislation as part of their agenda.

HRC, along with 15 other organizations representing diverse voices across the Lone Star State, denounced in a letter the extreme politics driving the Texas legislative agenda.

Among the bills already filed, three target protections for transgender people. HB46, HB50, and SB23 would prohibit entities like cities and school districts from protecting LGBTQ people in restrooms, locker rooms, and other changing facilities.

Such legislation would not only harm transgender people, but also damage the state’s economy and reputation. Texas should not repeat the mistakes of North Carolina by allowing discrimination against transgender people in restrooms and other public accommodations.

The eyes of the nation are on Texas. We must stop playing politics with people’s lives. Tell the Texas legislature that discrimination has no place in the state.

All Texans deserve respect, dignity, and equality — regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Stand with HRC to stop this legislation in its tracks today. 

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