Transgender people may legally change gender without doctor approval

The UK Government is considering law reform to make it easier for people to change their own gender.

Proposed reforms mean trans people won’t need a doctor’s diagnosis to change their birth certificate. It also means non-binary people will be able to record their gender as ‘X’.

It’s part of a new Gender Recognition Bill, due to be published in the next few months.

Since 2004, if a person wishes to change their gender, they need to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate.

This means a doctor must medically diagnose a person with gender dysphoria.

The person also must spend two years living as their preferred gender.

The government said it will try to ‘relieve the bureaucratic and medical burdens for those who choose to change their gender.’

Equalities minister Justine Greening said: ‘This Government is committed to building an inclusive society that works for everyone, no matter what their gender or sexuality, and today we’re taking the next step forward.

‘We will build on the significant progress we have made over the last 50 years, tackling some of the historic prejudices that still persist in our laws and giving LGBT people a real say on the issues affecting them,’ she said.

The announcement came just days after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for the new reforms.

Corbyn told PinkNews: ‘We must advance trans rights, and discrimination has gone on too long.

‘Bring forward a Bill to update the Act and improve trans rights and Labour will back you,’ he said.

He also said he wants to tackle transphobic bullying in schools…

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