Another fan-favorite is coming back to Will & Grace this fall

We already know about Harry Connick Jr. and Michelle Obama. Now we have another fan-favorite returning for the Will & Grace revival on NBC this fall.

(Okay, Michelle Obama isn’t a fan-favorite from the original series but she is in our hearts.)

So first we got Grace’s husband (Connick Jr.) and now we get…

Will’s husband!

That’s right, Bobby Cannavale is returning to the show as Vince D’Angelo.

Debra Messing (Grace) posted to Instagram to confirm the news.

She follows up the picture with an exciting caption:

‘It just gets better and better. ANOTHER fan fav from our little show of yesteryear. @bobby_cannavale is in the house! Little bit of trivia- when we were both youngin’s in 1993 we lived across the hall from each other in NYC.’

In the show, Vince is a police office who starts dating Will. In the final season’s flash-forward, it’s shown he’s married to Will and they have a son named Ben.

However, as we already know, the revival is retconning the final season, so it’s unclear where Vince and Will’s relationship will stand come 28 September.

That’s when the series returns with a 16-episode first season. It’s also already been renewed for a second season.

Will & Grace first look:

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