Keke Palmer stars as a lesbian pimp in epic new indie film

If you’ve ever wanted to see Keke Palmer take on the role of a lesbian pimp, now is your time.

The 24-year-old actress takes on the character in upcoming indie film Pimp.

Palmer’s character is called Wednesday.

She has previously starred in MTV Scream Queens as Zayday Williams.

While the movie primarily focuses on Wednesday’s job as a pimp, the movie also documents the relationship between Wednesday and her girlfriend.

The pair dream of one day finding a better life for themselves.

Pimp ‘looks at life for women on the streets of New York amidst the hustles and dangers facing those working in the illegal sex trade.’

Palmer announced in 2016 she had been cast in the character of Wednesday.

She explained to fans: ‘Wednesday is obviously a flawed character. We all are. She loves her girlfriend and she knows right from wrong, but for money she excuses a lot of things and is willing to turn a blind eye.’

Vanessa Morgan, who currently stars in Riverdale as bisexual character Toni Topaz, also stars.

Palmer came out as sexually fluid in 2015.

She explained: ‘I’m making the rules for myself, and I don’t have to be stuck down to one label.’

The movie’s plot explains Palmer’s character Wednesday was ‘brought up hard’. Her family ‘ introduced her to the life that she’s extremely invested in.’

Wednesday’s father is played by rapper DMX.

Pimp ‘deals with the struggles of sex workers and the pimps who run their lives.’

But it will also look at ‘how this one woman survives a world where she’s seen as “half girl, half pimp,” while knowing in her heart that she’s “all girl, all pimp.”’

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