This Video of a 13-Year-Old Adam Rippon Proves Olympic Dreams Do Come True

Adam Rippon talked about his Olympic dreams in this news clip shot when he was 13 and had just returned from his first trip to Europe to compete in the International Skating Union’s Spring Cup, where he took first place.

The young skater enthused to WNEP about his first plane and train ride and his trip to the Olympic museum.

“When you see all these things about other people who have won the Olympics, you think that you’ve done a great thing but you’re still far away.”

Rippon, who won his first Olympic medal last week, was attacked by Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday night for speaking out about Vice President Mike Pence’s anti-gay record.

Said Rippon earlier this week: “Being here at the Olympics it does give me a louder voice. And I’ve got a big mouth and a loud voice. But it has given me a platform. I think it’s so important that I use this platform to my advantage. I think that me using my voice has given my skating a greater purpose. I’ve gotten so many messages from young kids all over the country that my story has resonated with them and it’s incredibly powerful…In the past week I’ve heard a lot of people like, ‘whoa, Adam Rippon should tone it down.’ I can’t tone it down. I’m being me. And I’m being myself. And I’d be doing myself an injustice, and I’d be doing an injustice to those kids who don’t feel like they’re comfortable to be themselves.”

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