YouTubers say they have proof that the platform blocks LGBTQ content

For years, queer people on YouTube have accused the video-sharing giant of using LGBTQ keywords like “gay” and “transgender” to demonetize, hide, and generally censor content, even if it was appropriate for all ages.

And some YouTubers have put together a video showing proof.

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Three YouTubers who go by Andrew, Sealow, and Een looked into what it would take to get a video demonetized. Andrew, whose channel is “YouTube Analyzed,” tested 15,296 common words from the dictionary. Sealow tested 14,000 words separately.

To test them, they uploaded short videos with no real content, just titles.

YouTube uses a bot to decide whether content is not appropriate and to demonetize it. YouTubers have noted in the past that adding or removing words like “transgender” changes the way the site’s bots react to it.

What the three found was that was that there is a list of words that increase the likelihood that a video will be demonetized on YouTube, mostly sexual or political terms (YouTube avoids associating advertisers with controversial political content). Other words lead to automatic demonetization.

Andrew said that he believes…

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