The right’s latest conspiracy theory is queer fetuses

Right-wingers are now claiming that LGBTQ+ activists and members of the “Ivy League” are practicing “Neonatal Queer Theory,” a belief that doctors can “use sonograms to try and determine if a child is Queer in the womb.”

“This is some Ivy League bulls**t,” said James Lindsay, an anti-LGBTQ+ activist who has previously published hoax “research papers” seeking to discredit queer, gender, and critical race studies, while speaking on Calmversations, a right-wing broadcast hosted by Benjamin Boyce. A video clip of their chat was recently posted on the Mythinformer, a right-wing conspiracy theory account on X.

“What they’re trying to do there is brainwash the parents to bring up the children in a queer accessible environment so that the scripting into sex category never properly occurs,” Lindsay claimed. Later, he said that activists are trying to..

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