Gay Today began as an indispensable gay news resource for anyone interested in gay life in America; but, has long since expanded to cover International news with a widely varied list of topics related to the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered communities and topic of interest to everyone.  There is nothing else like it on the Internet.

If you value skepticism in your news and expect the reporter to be open about his point of view, one of the best sources for news analysis is Gay Today. With sections on technology, health, entertainment, reviews, people, and world events, this is a tabloid with professional standards — all the writers have strong views and strong personalities — and the writing is wonderful. The interviews and columns are often the strongest pieces, searching out today’s activists as well as gay rights.

No important cultural or political event ever escapes the scrutiny of Gay Today.

Gay Today has a host of incredible writers such as, Raj Ayyar, Bill Berkowitz, Perry Brass, Paul D. Cain, Patricia Conklin, John Demetry, Corrine Hicks, Anita Lee, Robert N. Minor, Ph.D., Jesse Monteagudo, Rodger Streitmatter, Ph.D., Randolfe H. Wicker, and Rex Wockner. This group of writers and activists is given the latitude to discuss what ever they want and while sometimes racy and controversial their message is delivered to an average of 25,000 unique people weekly.

Gay Today stands at the cutting edge of communication with the GLBT community for the new millennium.

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