Wash. partner law to face ballot vote

Washington voters will get a chance on Nov. 3 to repeal the state’s “everything but marriage” gay partnership law.

The secretary of state’s blog reported Sept. 2 that opponents of the law had turned in 122,007 valid signatures among the 137,000 submitted.

Exactly 120,577 valid signatures were needed, representing 4 percent of the voters in the last gubernatorial election.

“The final margin is the closest in recent history and undoubtedly one of the closest in state history,” the official blog said. “Typically, initiative and referendum sponsors turn in plenty of extra signatures so that a random sampling can be done, rather than a full every-signature check such as the one required for (Referendum) 71.”

The “everything but marriage” law, signed by Gov. Christine Gregoire on May 18, beefed up the state’s existing domestic-partnership law to include every state-level right and obligation of marriage.

It was supposed to take effect in July but was suspended once the referendum campaign began.

By Rex Wockner


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