Check out beautiful rainbow images from Poland’s Equality Parade

Thousands of peopled marched through the streets of Warsaw, Poland, yesterday for the city’s annual Equality Parade (‘Parada Równosci’). Estimates of numbers range from 5,000 to 13,000 and over.

Poland is currently governed by a very Conservative government. There is no recognition of same-sex civil unions and a constitutional ban on the recognition of same-sex marriages has been in place since 1997.

The 17th Equality Parade called for equality for all marginalized groups, including the disabled. There was a heavy presence of rainbow flags.

Previous LGBT Pride marches in Poland have encountered violent protest from right-wing nationalists – most notably at a march in Krakow in 2013. However, yesterday’s event in Warsaw passed without incident.

The parade was supported by over 40 foreign embassies, as well as corporate sponsors including Google.

Julia Maciocha, of organizers Fundacja Wolontariat Równości, called told GSN that the event was a ‘great success. We are happy because all of our minimum goals were achieved.’

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