Anne-Christine d’Adesky, notable LGBTI journalist and activist, releases memoir

Anne-Christine d’Adesky is a journalist and activist. Throughout her career, she’s reported on and done activist work on issues such as the AIDS crisis, the earthquake in Haiti, and women’s rights.

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A self-described ‘advocacy journalist,’ d’Adesky strongly believes that activism and journalism can go hand in hand. Referring to it as ‘passion journalism,’ d’Adesky has always felt beholden to her interview subjects and their stories.

Now, d’Adesky is about to release her memoir. Titled ‘The Pox Lover,’ the book is her diary from the 1990s when she was deeply involved in HIV/AIDS activism. Framed by a prologue and epilogue written with hindsight, the diary is an emotional narrative, taking place both pre and post HIV treatment, about her experiences in New York and Paris at this time.

Cover of ‘The Pox Lover’

‘While it’s always fantastic to write about the past, I decided to publish [the diary] now because of the relevance of where we’re at today,” d’Adesky tells GSN, referencing phenomenons such as the resurgence of far-right movements. She feels that if this book would have come out a couple years ago, it simply wouldn’t have had the same impact.

d’Adesky draws comparisons between the Trump administration’s attack on healthcare to that of the Reagan administration. In both situations, gay people, poor people, and people of color are victimized. She has noticed pockets of the United States where HIV is growing, mostly in poor, working-class communities. Without access to affordable healthcare, she fears the epidemic will rise again.

‘No question that a removal of federal services like healthcare will impact the most vulnerable,’ she says.

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