Tumblr’s new ‘safe mode’ blocks LGBTI content

Tumblr introduced a new ‘safe mode’ that blocks LGBTI content from certain users.

The blocked content are deemed not safe for work (NSFW) even if content isn’t inappropriate.

Communities on Tumblr have used the site to openly express themselves. Now users are reporting that harmless content such as LGBTI content are being flogged.

This occurred once before in 2013 when the site introduced a safe search feature similar to YouTube’s restricted feature.

As of today, the new safe mode is automatically enabled for new users and those who are logged off.

Current users under 18 are also completely blocked off from viewing ‘NSFW’ content.

Since the safe mode was introduced, angry users have started a petition to remove the feature gaining over 12,000 signatures.

One user said: ‘Even these LGBT mood boards and positivity posts are being censored as “sensitive media” when there’s literally porn still floating around this website unmarked.’

And another said wrote: ‘Ok @staff why don’t you just admit you think LGBT people are inherently NSFW?’

Tumblr has apologized for blocking LGBTI content

A Tumblr spokesperson have since apologized for the error. They claimed it was because users had marked their pages as explicit…

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