Theresa May sends message of support at Pride in London, then booed on stage

Theresa May wished everyone celebrating Pride in London this weekend a happy Pride, but some people think she’s disingenuous.

After forming a minority Government with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) a few weeks ago, May suffered a severe public backlash.

The DUP are opposed to LGBTI equality and refuse to pass same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, even though there is a majority for it.

They’re also anti-abortion and deny the existence of climate change.

For this reason, when May posted a message of support to the LGBTI community for Pride in London, there was outrage.

May said in the video: ‘I want to wish everyone a wonderful day at Pride in London. Pride brings people together in joyful celebration of our values of freedom, tolerance and equality.

‘At its heart, it is about a simple thing: Love,’ she said.

The Independent reports her speech was booed at Pride in London.

It said: ‘Many people have shared videos and tweets of the PM’s appearance on the big screens in Trafalgar Square expressing their anger at the hypocrisy of the PM for siding with such an prominently anti-LGBTI party.’

Twitter reacts to Theresa May

Twitter was also quick to react to the message of support.

Although she’s acknowledging the LGBTI community, some people say her actions speak louder than her words.

One user outlined her voting records on LGBTI issues, including reducing the age of consent for homosexuality in 1998. She also voted against same-sex adoption in 2002 and in favor of a bid to prohibit lesbian IVF in 2008.

See the reactions to her Happy Pride message:

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