Scottish cathedral becomes first in the UK to allow same-sex marriages

A Scottish cathedral has become the first Anglican church in the country to offer weddings for same-sex couples.

As of today (20 July), St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow is now taking bookings from same-sex couples following a decision earlier this year in the Scottish Episcopal Church’s General Synod.

Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth told Gay Star News: ‘I’m a gay priest and we march in Pride every year.

‘St Mary’s was one of the first places to campaign for same-sex marriages in the church in Scotland,’ he said.

Speaking after the decision, he said: ‘It is hugely exciting to open up wedding services to all couples who want to get married.

‘People at St Mary’s were part of the campaign to allow gay and lesbian couples to get married in Scotland so it is not surprising that we would want to be able to offer such weddings in the cathedral itself.

‘St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow is one of the most stunning places that anyone can get married. It is wonderful that more people now have the chance of coming here for their special day.

‘I want to live in a world where same-sex couples can feel safe walking down the street hand-in-hand and in which they can feel joy walking hand-in-hand down the aisle of a church too,’ he said.

For almost 10 years, St Mary’s Church was actively campaigning for same-sex weddings.

Source: Scottish cathedral becomes first in the UK to allow same-sex marriages


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