15 LGBTQ candidates running for office in the US this year

The midterm elections in the United States occur this year on 6 November — and several LGBTQ candidates are running.

Midterms are general elections that take place the two years after a presidential election. They focus on seats in Congress (both House and Senate), governor races, and other various state and local offices.

This year is critical for Democrats looking to take back at least a portion of the government.

After their major victories last year — including Danica Roem, Doug Jones in Alabama, and others — energy is higher than normal in a midterm election year.

More women, people of color, and LGBTQ candidates are running than ever before. Here are 15 LGBTQ candidates to keep an eye on.

Nelson Araujo seeing RENT.Nelson Araujo seeing RENT. | Photo: Twitter @NelsonAraujoNV

Nelson Araujo (Nevada)

Born to El Salvadorian immigrant parents, Araujo is currently serving as a Democrat in the state House of Representatives. He’s now seeking the position go Secretary of State.

If he wins, he’ll be the first openly LGBTQ person elected statewide in Nevada. He’ll also be the second openly LGBTQ Secretary of State in the US.

Previously, he got several bills signed into law, including Assembly Bill 99. This bill increased protections for LGBTQ kids in foster care.

Lauren Baer (Florida)

An attorney and foreign policy expert, Baer is hoping to be the first lesbian elected to Congress from Florida. She’s seeking a position in the House. She would also be one of the first LGBTQ mothers in Congress.

Elsewhere in Florida, David Richardson is hoping to be the first gay man elected to Congress from the state — also in the House.

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