BREAKING: Over 100 LGBTI people arrested at birthday party in Nigeria

Nigerian police officers surrounded a private event with over 100 LGBTI people, then brutally rounded them up and arrested them.

According to eye witnesses – who wish to remain anonymous – it was a private birthday party at the Delta Park Hotel in Delta State, Nigeria.

At around 11:45pm last night (9 June), police pulled up to the party. When the party-goers noticed they were surrounded, they barricaded themselves in.

Then at around 1am, the police got permission to make a forced entry into the hotel.

There are no reported casualties, but one source told Gay Star News police beat ‘most’ of the LGBTI people.

‘The criminal justice system in Nigeria is very corrupt’

Jide Macauley is the founder at House of Rainbow, a religious community open to LGBTI people.

He is in contact with several sources on the ground in Nigeria. He said the police rounded up all of the masculine women and feminine men.

Jide MacauleyJide Macauley is the founder of House of Rainbow. | Photo: Facebook

Macauley said: ‘Even one arrest is a problem, but this many is shocking.’

He’s been receiving distress calls from people who say their friends and family are missing.

Macauley also says the arrested LGBTI people are making statements to the police. He said: ‘Unfortunately, the criminal justice system in Nigeria is very corrupt.’

He says there is no law against a group of LGBTI people assembling. ‘The only thing that could victimize these people if there was a sexual orgy.’

Macauley says they already have a lawyer on board to help the Nigerian people arrested. ‘They’re going to have the conversation with the inspector of police to find out more about what’s going on and why this has happened.’

More details to come.

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