Cop who crashed into gay bar threatened bystander in shocking new video

Police officers outside Bar:PM.
Photo: Screenshot

The latest video to emerge of the interaction between a St. Louis, Missouri, gay bar owner and the police officers who crashed their vehicle into his establishment last month sheds new light on how the officers handled the situation.

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Javad Khazaeli, the lawyer for Bar: PM co-owners James Pence and Chad Morris, suggested that one of the officers quickly escalated the situation by going “to rage level 10,” leading to the arrest of one of his clients.

The footage, recorded by a bystander and posted to X by Khazaeli, shows the scene immediately after the officers plowed their SUV into the front of the bar on the night of December 17. In the clip, Pence identifies himself as the owner of the bar. Officer Ramelle Wallace then asks him for his ID, which Pence refuses to hand over, insisting he has done nothing wrong.

“Everybody has the right to ask an officer what they’re doing,” Khazaeli told local NBC affiliate KSDK. “An officer only has the right to demand an ID if a person is driving a car or if the [officer] has probable cause to think that the person committed a crime.”

Wallace then seems to dismiss Pence, telling him to..

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