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As we grow older, we look forward to the changes that life brings â?? retirement, grandchildren, financial security and travel. Other changes that we might not accept so readily are the aches, pains and mental slowdowns that leave us longing for the good old days of our youth.

We think we have to put up with degeneration when aging, but that is not true. Staying active is key for a healthy lifestyle, but what else can we do to benefit our bodies as we age?

The human growth hormone (HGH) might be a key element in feeling your best as you age. When HGH was first discovered, its only purpose was thought to be to stimulate body growth to adult size. Recent studies have found that one of the main reasons the body ages is because of the decrease in HGH, which helps the body regenerate.

It is possible that aging symptoms â?? rise in blood glucose, high blood pressure and even skin wrinkles â?? can be treated by maintaining HGH levels in the body. Receptor sites for HGH exist in almost every cell in the human body, so regeneration and healing effects can be quite comprehensive.

Until now, HGH therapy was injectable, costly and messy, available only to celebrities and the very wealthy. In 1997, a group of doctors and scientists developed an all-natural source-product which causes your own natural HGH to be released again. GHR, manufactured by GlobalHealth Products, is a capsule that works as a natural releaser for HGH. It has no known side effects, unlike the synthetic version, and has no known drug interactions. Aging baby boomers and seniors can feel young again by realizing HGH potential.

Some think that HGH is so comprehensive in its healing and regenerative powers that it has the capability to displace many prescription and non-prescription drugs. HGH is known to help treat hemorrhoids, autoimmune diseases, macular degeneration, cataracts, fibromyalgia, angina, chronic fatigue, diabetic-neuropathy, hepatitis C, chronic constipation, high blood pressure, sciatica, kidney dialysis, and heart and stroke recovery.

As seniors and others deal with health care coverage problems, it is important to look at what you can do for yourself to ensure your healthiness. HGH can be particularly helpful to the elderly who, given a choice, would rather stay happy, healthy and independent in their own home. HGH gives the possibility of real health, not just treating sickness.

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