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As we mark 42 years since the Stonewall riots — the defining moment that heralded a new era of gay rights in the U.S. — it’s all too easy to take LGBT Pride for granted. Particularly in light of the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York this past weekend, it is tempting to use such landmarks to laud the LGBT community’s accomplishments over the past four decades. But even in a time of warranted celebration, today’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth need more than proverbial chest-beating and flag-waving to build the confidence and strong sense of self that can help them thrive in a society still laden with gay stigma.

That’s why has launched its new center., part of HealthCentral, is the Internet’s most complete source of support, community and information about HIV/AIDS, a condition inextricably tied with gay rights. This new center will inspire LGBT youths and their allies to stand up against the hardships they may face, make educated health decisions and express confidence in themselves for who they are.

The at features:

  • Perspectives: A unique collection of writings by LGBT bloggers, community members and allies, all of whom share powerful reflections on their own lives and struggles to overcome stigma.
  • We Are the Youth: A photojournalism project that chronicles LGBT youths from around the country, capturing the voices of young people whose stories aren’t often told.
  • Insightful Discussion: Original content exploring causes of, and solutions to, some of the key obstacles faced by LGBT youth, including a roundtable with experts examining homophobia within families.
  • E-Cards: A compelling and entertaining set of customizable cards that convey a plethora of LGBT themes. (Brought to you through our partnership with Visual AIDS, a contemporary arts organization committed to HIV prevention and AIDS awareness.)

“Deep stigma and homophobia are still very much a part of American culture,” says Myles Helfand, editorial director of “People who are afraid to even say they’re gay, bisexual or transgender are much less likely to seek out the health care and support they need to stay out of danger and free of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. By providing a platform for LGBT folks to encourage and inform one another, we can do our part to create a safer, more affirming world in which LGBT youth can become confident, healthy LGBT adults.”

About and HealthCentral believes that the best way to fight HIV/AIDS is to empower, educate and support the people who live and work at the front lines of the pandemic. To that end, we have committed ourselves since 1995 to maintaining the Internet’s most complete source of information and community for people living with HIV/AIDS, at risk for HIV/AIDS, caring for those with HIV/AIDS or who simply wish to learn more about HIV/AIDS and related conditions. pursues this mission as a part of HealthCentral, which empowers millions to improve and take control of their health and well-being through more than 35 condition- and wellness-specific interactive health sites.

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