Sen. Chuck Schumer writes plea to the LGBTQ community to ‘keep fighting’

Sen. Chuck Schumer has penned an open letter to the LGBTQ community, encouraging resistance and hope during difficult times now that we have a president-elect Donald Trump.

While Trump attempted to gain the favor of the LGBTQ voting bloc numerous times in his campaign, including giving us a nod in his Republican National Convention speech and holding up an upside down Pride flag at a rally, he also pledged to sign anti-LGBTQ legislation, appointed a homophobe for vice president, and said he would appoint judges like Justice Antonin Scalia.

Since then he has appointed a man who believes people can choose to stop being gay, and another who is an apparent white nationalist who has called progressive women “dykes.” These are not encouraging times for the community, Schumer admits in his Advocate op-ed.

“There are many fellow citizens — the LGBT community, immigrants, communities of color, women, our young people, Democrats and progressives of all stripes — who are profoundly worried about what the future holds,” he writes. “And following everything that was said during this campaign by our now president-elect, it is entirely reasonable to be nervous and even angry. I am not sure what will come next after so many fought so hard for so long to gain the right to say ‘love is love’ no matter what. I am worried about what tomorrow holds and what this new administration may attempt to roll back.”

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Source: Sen. Chuck Schumer writes plea to the LGBTQ community to ‘keep fighting’


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