Trans women are not ‘real women’, says feminist columnist

Feminist columnist, Jenni Murray believes trans women will never be ‘real women’.

Writing in the Sunday Times, she says: ‘What I have difficulties with is this concept that if you make the transition, you are a real woman.

‘You are a trans-woman or a trans-man,’ she says.

Murray claims she wants to bring ‘sanity and reason’ into a debate that has become ‘bitter and cruel’.

‘I am not anti-trans,’ she says, as she proceeds to be transphobic.

She sites the male privilege trans-women have before they transition and provides examples from previous interviews.

One example is Reverend Peter Stone, who transitioned from male to female in 2000, now Carol.

When asked if she owed a debt of gratitude to women in history for paving the way to become religious leaders, Stone was allegedly more concerned with what make up and heels to wear in front of her parishioners.

Murray writes: ‘It was news to Carol that life as a woman, especially a middle-aged woman, stepping into male territory in which she was unwelcome would be extremely tough.

‘I prayed Carol would not find it so hard.

‘Experience told me otherwise.

‘It wasn’t going to be all about frocks and make-up.

‘It was about sexual politics and feminism — ideas of which she seemed woefully unaware,’ Murray writes.

Critics argue the article is problematic for trans people and takes too much of a simplistic approach.

Rachel Cohen, executive director of campaigns and strategy from LGBTI charity Stonewall said: ‘Whether you are trans or not, your identity is yours alone.

‘My experiences of being a woman are undoubtedly different to yours.

‘However, their differences do not make them in any way less valid,’ Cohen said.

Cohen urges Murray to reach out and speak to more trans people and become an ally.

Source: Trans women are not ‘real women’, says feminist columnist


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