Viewers angry after BBC cuts LGBTI lyrics from Born This Way performance, again

The BBC cut LGBTI-inclusive lyrics from a Born This Way comedy performance and viewers are fuming.

The removed lryics include: ‘No matter gay, straight, or bi. Lesbian transgender life.’

Just last month, the exact same thing happened on the BBC’s musical competition show, Let It Shine.

The performance was part of a show called Lets Sing and Dance for Comic Relief, inviting TV personalities to perform karaoke numbers for charity.

The One Show presenters dressed in classic Lady Gaga costumes and enthusiastically performed the rendition below.

The BBC said in a statement: ‘It is standard procedure to edit down music tracks to fit into the running time of the show.’

When the lyrics were omitted last time, the BBC told Gay Times: ‘All the tracks were edited for length, musical beats and crucially to ensure the boys each had a section to showcase.

‘Therefore, typically sections came out of all of the songs performed for the show.

‘It made sense therefore musically in an edit, to go with a repeated chorus with a faster tempo the second time around.’

Fans react with outrage

Fans of the song took to social media to voice their outrage.

Weeks after the BBC are slammed for cutting the gay lyrics in Born This Way, they… cut the gay lyrics in Born This Way #LetsSingAndDance

— Jack Yeo (@jackryeo) 18 March 2017

When @BBC cut out LGBT lyrics from born this way #LetsSingAndDance

— ❄ pirate queen ❄ (@Bethany_roses) 18 March 2017

Removing #LGBT references from a ‘Born This Way’ cover is like reciting the Bill of Rights without mentioning American citizens #BBC

— George P. Simmonds (@georgepsimmonds) 3 March 2017

It’s essential to the meaning of ‘Born This Way’. It’s ridiculous and bizarre that the BBC would omit the line #LetsSingAndDance #LGBT��️‍��

— Sam Willey��️‍�� (@SamWiseSW) 19 March 2017

Source: Viewers angry after BBC cuts LGBTI lyrics from Born This Way performance, again


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