NOM held a hate rally and almost nobody showed up

This weekend, after months of fundraising asks and announcements on Twitter and on their mailing list, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) held a rally and a march in Washington to demand that the government ban marriage between two people of the same sex.

And only 47 people showed up.

Beth Ethier, a Slate writer who attended the rally, tweeted that she counted every attendee, including babies, and saw only 47 people at the rally.

She also got a picture of the “around 30” people who actually listened to NOM president Brian Brown‘s speech.


Right Wing Watch‘s Miranda Blue also attended the rally and said that passersby confused it with a “kite festival.”

The March for Marriage is an annual event held by NOM. Two years ago, ThinkProgress estimated that around 6000 people attended the March for Marriage, and last year’s rally was attended by about 250.

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