Priest claims people who use ‘they/them’ pronouns are possessed by demons

Christian minister and failed Republican politician E.W. Jackson made a stunningly stupid claim on his radio show this week, saying those who use the gender nonconforming “they/them” pronouns are doing so because they are possessed by multiple demons.

“This whole thing of going to a plural pronoun,” Jackson said, “to me, it is a subconscious spiritual admission of demon possession by multiple demons.”

“The only single individual I’m familiar with who spoke from the plural pronoun was Legion,” he added, referencing the Biblical story where Jesus cast demons out of the man.

“Think about that: You’re not to be referred to by the single ‘he’ or ‘she’ but the plural pronoun ‘they.’ Who is the ‘they’ in there? We know who the ‘they’ in there is: a bunch of devils,” he concluded.

He also criticized aides given to teachers to help them better understand and serve their transgender and gender nonconforming students.

Jackson also said the schools “don’t need a transgender tool kit” but “a whole army of exorcists to cast all those demons out of people who are pushing this mess.”

RightWingWatch has the audio, which you can hear below…

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