Pulse nightclub to re-open in Orlando after mass murder

Orlando’s gay night club Pulse at the center of last years terror attack could re-open in a new location.

It’s the site where 49 people tragically lost their lives in one of the worst gun massacres in American history. It was the worst mass murder in the USA since 911.

Now, the club’s owner Barbara Poma has been speaking to WFTV about the future of the venue.

She says the attack was financially crippling because of the loss of the club’s income. However, she added ‘Pulse is going to reopen [in a new location].’

‘By reopening it, same name, the same format that we had, it just proves, you know, that hate will not win.’

Poma also spoke of the ongoing discussions about the future of the original Pulse site. She recently rejected a bid from the city to buy the club and turn it into a public memorial. Instead, she has plans to create her own memorial at the site.

Speaking about the new site, Poma says ‘It will be something other than a nightclub. Whatever structure, space, my hope for it, is an eternity.’

Hate will not win

It’s just over a year since the deadly attack which happened in June 2016.

The site is still the center of much attention….

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