Andy Mientus on being bisexual: ‘I’m here, I’m out, and I f*cking love myself for it’

September 23 is bisexual visibility day. With that day fast approaching, bisexual actor Andy Mientus has taken to Instagram to share a story from his own personal journey.

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In the post, Andy shows a page from an old journal where he writes about his sexuality: “Nor am I going to say I’m bi because any guy that admits to that publicly becomes an instant closet case…”

In the caption, he explains:

This is what I used to think of Bisexuality. I don’t blame this kid – when you never see something represented, other than as a punchline, you don’t think of it as valid. When your straight friends roll their eyes at it and your gay friends roll their eyes it, you avert your eyes, at least.

Thankfully, he made it through those dark days. Today he’s living openly, happily married to actor/director Michael Arden and wearing his bisexual Pride on his sleeve.

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The rest of the caption reads:

Luckily I fell in love with someone who didn’t fit the narrative I had built for myself so undeniably that I had to confront it, make peace with it, and ultimately own it. For so long it seemed like something insurmountably complicated when in reality, it is so simple.

It’s freedom. In love, in sex, in gender – it’s freedom from the binary. It’s the greatest gift the universe has given me and it’s one I am proud to share. I know a lot of people struggle with this the way I did and I can’t give much advice – we all have our own situation.

What I can offer is my example. I’m here, I’m out, and I f*cking love myself for it. People doubt my identity every day, to my face and behind my back, but I don’t mind. It’s not theirs, it’s mine, and no one can take it from me. If it’s yours too, know that.

Happy #BiWeek, brave souls.

Check out Andy’s full post below…

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