This ‘sassy gay Republican’ is against healthcare, but now needs money after a car crash

In one of the biggest plot twists of all time, this ‘sassy gay Republican’ is infamously against universal healthcare, but now needs it after a car accident.

Alex, who goes by Sassy (@SassyGayRepublican on Twitter) took to the social media platform to announce his recent car crash.

He recently claimed liberalism is a mental disorder and that Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ stopped terrorism in America.

He tweeted: ‘Bad news: My insurance will cover none of the collision which was a three car pileup. I’m so scared idk how I can deal with this.’

Then the internet came into the discussion with all of the receipts on the issue.

Twitter user Billy Armagh posted a series of four beautifully succinct screenshots.

The first one is from 3 June where Sassy tweeted: ‘As a young adult in perfect health, why should I be forced to pay for insurance I don’t want and likely won’t need?’

The second screenshot slammed Bernie Sanders for his pro-universal healthcare stance.

And then the kicker – a series of screenshots asking for money in a Go Fund Me campaign to pay for his healthcare.

At the time of writing, Sassy received over $2,255 (£1,662 €1,888) to cover his medical expenses and new car.

Sassy Gay Republican faces backlash

But some people believe he may not be telling the whole truth about being in an accident.

Many Twitter users took to the social media platform to expose the Republican. Twitter user @spookperson wrote: ‘All these photos [on the Go Fund Me page] are from 2015 and it’s illegal for an ER to refuse treatment based on insurance you dumbass scam artist.’

Sassy responded to the claims: ‘I realize Democrats want to make a cruel example out of me.

‘They’ll fabricate/Photoshop pictures saying my accident was fake and that I should die,’ he wrote.

He has a message to his haters: ‘Even though people are going to call me racist, sexist and homophobic, the best I can do is love you. That’s what Jesus would do,’ he signed off his statement.

In recent videos, Sassy brags that Rosie O’Donnell and Chrissy Teigen have both dragged him on Twitter for his views.

Source: This ‘sassy gay Republican’ is against healthcare, but now needs money after a car crash


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