University College Dublin designates over 170 bathrooms as gender neutral

University College Dublin plans to redesignate more than 170 restrooms as gender neutral. This is part of an effort to create a more welcoming environment for transgender and non-binary students.

The University also plans on introducing a gender neutral changing room at its sport center. Additionally, it will allow trans students to change their names on official university documents without the need for gender recognition certificates.

In Ireland, gender recognition certificates are required in order for the state to recognize one’s preferred gender.

What UCD officials are saying

‘Our universities are drivers of change, promoters of equality and champions of justice,’ said Katherine Zappone TD, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, who launched the University’s Gender Identity and Expression Policy.

‘UCD is continuing that proud tradition by providing a welcoming campus for trans and gender non-binary students and employees,’ she stated.

‘As long as members of our community feel alone, discriminated against or even fearful then our journey to equality is not over. As a campaigner, an academic and as an Independent Minister I salute the leadership of UCD in bringing us another step to closer to the goal of full equality for all.’

University College Dublin President, Professor Andrew Deeks, said ‘the policy affirms and celebrates diverse genders and gender expressions that is reflected in our large multicultural staff and student population.’

Learn more about UCD’s new policy in the video below:

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