NBA star makes big LGBTQ reveal

Detroit Piston Reggie Bullock is using his platform as an NBA star to raise awareness to LGBTQ equality.

In 2014, Bullock’s sister, Mia Henderson, was murdered in Baltimore. Henderson was a trans woman. Ever since then, Bullock, who identifies as straight, say he’s struggled to make sense of the violence and understand the transgender community.

Now, he and his team have announced they are partnering with GLAAD and other members of the LGBTQ community to encourage more conversation about inclusion in the NBA and beyond.

But it doesn’t stop there.

27-year-old Bullock has even made a permanent commitment to the cause. He had his sister’s name tattooed on his calf along with the letters “LGBTQ”:

Earlier this year, he worse Equality shoes during a game against the Atlanta Hawks. On the sole of the shoes he wrote his sister’s name:

And last summer, he posted a photo of his rainbow watchband to his Instagram page. The caption read, in part: “You are free to choose how you live, so I choose to stand for equality in the community and inclusion of all human beings.”

The man charged with Henderson’s death was acquitted by a jury two years ago. But Bullock is not dwelling on that. Instead, he is focused on honoring his slain sister’s memory and making the world and better and more compassionate place for LGBTQ people to live and thrive.

“A lot of people joke and do all these type of things about those type of people,” he said in a 2016 radio interview. “But me, it touches me, because I had a [sister], I had a person who was that way.

“I have come to accept trans people because I loved my sibling.”

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