Phoenix Approves Rainbow Crosswalks to Support the LGBTQ Community

Arizona’s Family

Phoenix, Arizona’s mayor and city council have approved the installation of two rainbow crosswalks to support the LGBTQ community in that city.

AZFamily reports: “The rainbow-painted crosswalks are proposed to be installed at the crossing of Central Avenue at Portland Street and the crossing of Seventh Avenue at Glenrosa Avenue…The installation of the rainbow crosswalks in Phoenix were requested by the Phoenix Pride Community Foundation, one-n-ten, and Aunt Rita’s Foundation after contacting the Mayor’s Office.These groups have offered to cover the costs of materials, installation and ongoing maintenance for the rainbow-painted portions of the crosswalks that are not already maintained by the city.”

Said Stanton: “Phoenix values and embraces its LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Phoenix is committed to ensuring equal treatment and rights for everyone and showing our support because we know diversity makes us stronger.”

Here’s what a similar crosswalk looks like in Tucson. Among the other cities that have them are Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, West Hollywood, and Washington, D.C..

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