GOP governor candidate calls to “kill” the left: “Kill them!”

He also considers LGBTQ+ people as “filthy” “demons” who “mentally rape” children.

Lt. Gov of North Carolina, Mark Robinson
Photo: Screenshot

North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ+ Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R) – who is currently running for governor – endorsed political violence during a recent talk at a small-town church, saying, “Some people need killing!” His list of those needing killing seemingly included “people with evil intent,” “wicked people,” socialists, Communists, and leftists who persecute conservatives online.

“We now find ourselves struggling with people who have evil intent. You know, there’s a time when we used to meet evil on the battlefield. And guess what we did to it? We killed it!” Robinson said during his 30-minute June 30 speech at Lake Church in White Lake, North Carolina.

“Kill them,” he continued. “Some liberal somewhere is going to say that sounds awful. Too bad. Get mad at me if you want to. Some folks need killing! It’s time for…

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