Gays to march in Serbia

Gays will march in Belgrade, Serbia, on Oct. 10 for the first time since
2001, when marchers in the first pride parade were beaten by nationalists,
skinheads and soccer fans. Dozens of marchers and police officers were

A planned pride march last year was canceled under pressure from police
and the government, who said they couldn’t protect the marchers from
thousands of anti-gays who planned to attack the event.

Opponents of last year’s aborted march had covered walls in the city
center with graffiti that said, “We will get you,” “Death to faggots” and
“Blood will flow,” and had spoken openly to reporters about the planned

Following the parade’s cancellation, the Swedish ambassador organized a
“mini-pride” at his suburban residence. It was attended by about 50

By Rex Wockner


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