Youth Pride Services Selects First National Youth President

After a long national search with 42 prospects, YPS has selected Chris Ferguson as its first national youth president. The president will be the voice of LGBT youth of color nationally as well as internally as campaigns, programs and activities are designed and implemented for our target population. His cabinet will help to construct the national youth constitution which all members in every state will abide by and have input on. Upon completion a national campaign season, primary and general election will be held where all members across the country will be eligible to select the first democratically elected national youth president.

Actor, advocate, writer, counselor, young marine, and young entrepreneur. Born on march 23, 1994 in GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA.  He first started off at The Hippodrome State Theatre, as being a costume design intern at age 16. Working his way to the top during the summer -  having acting classes and a summer job at the same time. Even though things were going well for Chris, he wasnâ??t able to balance both being an actor and having a summer job. But one of the two had to give. In October of 2008 Chris became a young marine with interest in having honor towards others, courage in his self, and commitment in whatever he does. With these three goals, he also was awarded first place in a platoon drill. In August 2010 Chris became secretary of a school organization called DECA, leading emerging students into hospitality and entrepreneurship. He was awarded the first member of the month in October 2010, and outstanding service as a secretary for the year 2010-2011. In February of 2011 Chris became certified as an HIV counselor in Alachua County. His work inspired a lot of people to get tested and become safer in sex with their partners.

Through Chrisâ??s life came trials and tribulations. Everything wasnâ??t so green for him through his teen year s, from times of molestation to the times of only having butter and rice for dinner. Chris had no one to turn to but God for his situations and it seemed that he always got through. Around the age of 15, Chris decided he had enough of his motherâ??s disapproval of his sexuality. So he decided to run away with his boyfriend in late August of 2007. The relationship between the two didnâ??t last long. Chris packed up and left the scene never to return back. He returned home

Chris is now a 17 year old who attends Santa Fe College where he will go on to eventually to major in business. He is currently the national youth president for Youth Pride Services, a national organization that develops black gay youth leaders from around the country. His plans is to represent all black gay youth, regardless of what city they are in, by using one (democratic) voice, and help to promote YPS Be Great campaign so that we may expand.

Quotes from Chris

â??I believe that black gay youth are getting more infected with syphilis because they probably donâ??t use protection and syphilis actually donâ??t show symptoms right awayâ?

â??Youth Pride Services can help gay youth of color by encouraging them to be free, live there life as they please, and be there to support them 100%â?.â? Ten years from now I can see my self having my own business of health services, serving gay youth.

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