Is the Pentagon retreating from its transgender military policy?

Less than one month remains before the armed forces are scheduled to fully implement the policy that lifted the ban on transgender troops, and a report in Military Times suggests integration of trans personnel may be delayed, or scrapped.

Quoting multiple anonymous sources, the report claims “senior leaders within each of the services” are seeking an “indefinite delay” as they “voice lingering concerns about the Obama-era policy intended to end discrimination but dismissed by critics as social experimentation.”

But could this be fake news, spread by anti-transgender forces within the military establishment?

LGBTQ Nation has learned from insiders in the trans military movement that their work, taking place behind the scenes with Pentagon brass, is on track to ensure what’s called the “accession policy” will go through July 1.

According to former defense secretary Ash Carter, who under President Obama instituted the change, the policy would require individuals to have completed any necessary medical treatment and to have been “stable in their identified gender for 18 months, as certified by their doctor, before they can enter the military.”

Now James Mattis is in charge of the Department of Defense. And while he made clear he had no intention to dismantle the Obama’s changes in our armed forces to support LGBTQ service personnel during his confirmation hearings, his prior record opposing women and LGBTQ troops and other recent actions by both the DoD and the Trump administration have only increased doubt and fear.

Source: Is the Pentagon retreating from its transgender military policy?


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