Protests from within the LGBTQ community block Pride events across the country

Protests marked Pride celebrations in major cities across the country last weekend, with LGBTQ people both marching in and blocking Pride parades to get across political messages including objections to police, corporations, institutional racism, and Israel.

New York City

In New York City, 12 people carrying signs that read “No Cops, No Banks” were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct outside the historic Stonewall Inn. According to CNN, the arrests were “authorized” by NYC Pride organizers after giving the protestors 10 minutes to speak out.

“There were some 40,000 marchers behind them who needed to have their message (heard) as well,” NYC Pride spokesperson James Fallarino said. “We believe strongly that it’s a free speech event. That has worked on both ends of the spectrum. We have always held the line that any group interested in our march can participate.”

Fallarino said that while organizers recognize the problem of police violence, they can’t run an event that size without police support. He also said things are different than they used to be, and the NYC Pride organization has a “good working relationship” with the NYPD.

“As you probably know, this march started after a police raid at Stonewall Inn,” Fallarino said. “We’ve come a long way since then.”

Still, even if cops are marching in Pride parades instead of raiding gay bars, there’s still a long way to go before everyone in the LGBTQ community — particularly queer people of color, immigrants, and transgender folks — feel safe marching alongside, or guarded by, uniformed officers.


That fact was apparent in Minneapolis, where Pride organizers faced protests against police presence after declining to ban uniformed officers from participating in the parade…

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